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Strange Lestrange

'Bastan, made any friends, yet? Thought so.

Rabastan Lestrange (Hogwarts edition!)
2 November 1961
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"Everybody wants to change the world...but no one wants to die."


Coming from a well-to-do, pureblood family that can trace its ancestry for 1000 years, Rabastan was always given everything he could ever want. His parents were unkind and unloving, especially to him being the second son and therefore not the heir to the Lestrange legacy. His mother had wanted a daughter, assured by a seer she would, but instead received young Rabastan. The child should have been named after a great star in the constellation Draco, but given his mother's disappointment of bearing a son, she couldn't quite remember the name. Rastaban became Rabastan, a mistake from birth. Always his brother's shadow, he followed him around in every endeavour, especially when his father approved young Rodolphus' service to the Dark Lord.

Physical Appearance

Rabastan is 5'8" with shoulder-length, black hair that is usually uncombed. He has a stocky build, weighing about 180 lbs. His clothing, though often unkempt and wrinkled, is expensive given his upper-class upbringing. He is quiet and keeps to himself unless provoked, and is rare to smile or join in a laugh unless he feels comfortable enough.

Wand: Length – 10”, Wood – Mahogany, Core – Falcon Bone
Excelled in: Charms
Despised: Arithmancy
Favourite Spells: Cruciatus, Imperius

Personality and Traits

Rabastan is fidgety, and awkward. He often tugs at his hair out of nervousness, and habit. He's slowly developing the symptoms of schizophrenia, and has an extremely short temper. He doesn't get along with males well, and usually opts to be friendly with females. He will ultimately give what he gets when it comes to attitude, which means he can either be easily provoked, or easily controlled.


Parents: Isobel (38) and Vega Lestrange (55)
Brother: Rodolphus Lestrange (completed Hogwarts, Slytherin alumnus)
Pets: Cinderella - female, white cat, touched with black


Rabastan is a bastardised version (thanks to his mother) of Rastaban a star in the constellation Draco. Rastaban is Arabic for "head of the serpent." Lestrange is derived from "strange," and basically means "the strange one."

Behind the Scenes

Player: Lee
Journal: prettyakwrd
PB: Gerard Way

Other Information

Rab's default school year is two years behind the Marauder's, because I can do that.

Please do understand that since Rab seems indefinitely stuck in SWS-land because mun has NO time to do an actual game, if your muse is not of the HP fandom, nothing that happens between you two is really going to be part of his ongoing canon. He'll respond to you, most likely, and may even recognise you in later ages, but overall your character will not be part of his canon. I'm keeping track of everything. I'm good. No worries. Just sayin'.

As far as Oxford!Verse or Muggle!Verse goes, he is a Muggle, devoid of all magical powers. He's still from a rich family, but they're heavily involved in scientology. Although he's still heavily riddled with schizophrenia, his family believes he can cure it through genuine understanding of connection between his mind and body. He has never received psychological or medical treatment for his condition, and it's still a serious problem in his mind. It's especially worse given the mates his hangs about with are heavily involved in the recreational use of psychedelic drugs. Art majors...what can you do?

Disclaimer Crap

Rabastan is recently graduated from Hogwarts (unless otherwise specified, or if he's replying to a thread where your character's presence makes him younger). He is 19 years old, or older, depending on whether he's still in school or not. Mun is over 21.

ALSO. Rabastan is an asshole. He will always be an asshole. It's in-character for him. If he says something that upsets your muse, sorry. It happens. If he says something that upsets you...then you might need some help. Deal with it. He's a jerk. I don't take responsibility for his actions/words/moods/whatevers.

I know I'm a mess right now.

(I am not Gerard Way. I am not Rabastan Lestrange, he belongs to J.K. Rowling. I am doing this for fun. Almost all icons are made by me, I have literally thousands. If you'd like Gerard icons from ANY time in his ~celebrity~ life, send me a message, but I'd appreciate credit.)